Learning Center

John Whitton

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Blockhain Startups

In the learn section you'll find information on leading layer 1 protocols

This includes links to guides, grant information, research and an ecosystem playbook for Layer 1 protocol developers launching there mainnet and seeking to engage a developer community.

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Blockchain Developers

In the contribute section we look at all the components that are needed for a robust blockchain ecoystem.

You'll find a reference architecture, basics for developing across the ecoystem including core protocol development, network operations, tooling and applications.

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The em∆sset (emerging Asset) initiative is working on cross border finance and crypto interoperability.

em∆sset is in the ideation and prototyping phase which is expected to conclude at the end of June 2020.

At that time we will be looking for additional team members, contributors, partners, grants and investors.