Welcome to the learning center

Learning Center Goals

John created this site for blockchain startups and contributors to get a better understanding of the leading Layer 1 protocols and what grants, research and tools are available.

The site has three main purposes

  1. A knowledge base for Layer 1 protocol ecoystems with a target audience of blockchain founders and developers.
  2. A contribution section which walks though developers on what is needed to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.
  3. An ideation area for cross border finance and crypto interoperabilty, the emerging Asset (emAsset) initiative.

This site has deep technical information for all members of a layer 1 ecosystem including protocol developers, network operations, tool creators, DApp developers and Application developers.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Often the word blockchain is overused linking blockchain technology to decentralized finance and a larger disruption of finanancial services. The blockchain ecosystem discussed here is a multi-faceted and complex landscape. As technology advances and innovation occurs we are seeing mainstream adoption and integration into a number of Layer 1 protocols. As such this center is for all developers who belong to that wider audience.

Reference Architecture

The reference architecture has a strong Harmony Focus which aligns with the last year of John's work at Harmony and his involvement with the community.

Harmony is one of the leaders in high performant, sharded, proof of stake layer 1 solutions.

emAsset is a logical entity which John is using to do ideation and prototyping. emAsset's goal is to provide interoperable tools which can be leveraged by many layer 1 protocols and financial institutions.

Blockchain ecosystem

Learning Categories Audience

Below is a breakdown of the learning categories, it purpose and target audience.

Platform GuidesDevelopers, Founders, ReseachersGuides from some of the leading Layer 1 protocols
Grant InformationDevelopers, Founders, ReseachersGrant infrormation for technology and communities
ResearchResearchers, Senior EngineersResearch information on defi, crossfi, new blockchain primitives, proof of stake and buid practices
Ecosystem PlaybookEcosystem ArchitectsTooling overivew for building out communites and grant process
John Whitton's workInvestors, FoundersDetails about John'w work for people looking to collaborate with John


DISCLAIMER: Developer Playground is a completely independent and open-source initiative founded by blockchain community members. Nothing contained in this Github repository should be considered financial or investment advice - it is for informational purposes only.