my work

For a comprehensive list of my technical contributions please see my technical portfolio.

Researching and prototyping new technologies is a passion of mine. Over the past 5 years I have watched technology as a whole, and the blockchain space specifically, evolve at an amazing rate. Below are some of the projects, articles and design documents I worked on as part of the technical strategy work I have done.

  • Devcon5 - Lessons Learned
  • Cowri - Liquidity protocol for stablecoins
  • WASDEX - Regulated Digital Security Exchange
  • Project X - Layer 1 protocol whitepaper
  • Jincubator - Layer 1 protocol technology comparison
  • For prototyping please checkout the playground to see some of the API, SDK and development tools I have created.

    Finally you can view my resume here and for newer work please follow me on medium @john_whitton

    My Colleagues

    I have been fortunate over my long career to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented individuals and teams not only in Silicon Valley, but globally.

    In my role as a founder, cto, ecoystem architect and engineer. I have learned from great leaders, researchers, business strategists and engineers. I have built great teams and mentored many talented junior engineers. I have watched my teams apply their solid technical foundation to become invaluable contributors to the team and the organization. Watching individuals grow both personally and professionally is the most rewarding work I have done.

    Below are some quotes from some of the greatest people you'll ever get to work with

    Ganesha: john is dedicated, hard-working, great work ethics, and brings lot of positive energy. no doubt that he is a great manager with good people skills. john led the whole hiring process and single handedly managed it well, without much chaos. no joke how much time and energy it takes. great job. while i believe it was not the best use of john's time, he embraced whatever this staking launch demanded from him. great work towards managing the release (deployment, documentation, etc) and taking some load of andy and daniel. after the staking release, john could refocus and quickly get back to speed on the ecosystem/tooling/partner tasks/goals for q4 and expedite some of the deliverables

    Matt: John is amazing at explaining and delegating. I’m always impressed with his knowledge base. I think more efforts could be made to capture his knowledge in “explainers”, that would go a long way to supporting the community. John can also run anything, like up and running in a matter of minutes. This means he can troubleshoot tons of deployment issues from the core protocol all the way up to the application layer

    Nick: john is always willing to jump on whatever needs to get done. he jumped SDK to hiring and then back into network ops. i think that john does a good job of recruiting and onboarding new interns and giving them appropriate difficulty tasks as they ramp up. I'm grateful that he stepped in to cover miami devcon for me at the last minute. team player

    Li: i want to thank john for having a detailed process and documentation of the OSTN network upgrades and resets and communicating to me and community.

    Janet: john is always willing to work on whatever the team needs even though you don't necessarily want to. thank you for listening and being a great mentor.

    Yishuang: John is a really good team player, among his good qualities, I admire three most. 1. Helpful and warm-hearted whenever you ask for help, John will give you the best help. 2. Avid learner, John likes to learn new things and will actively take new tasks. I see John actively in ops recently. 3. Responsible, longer view, John focused a lot on knowledge transfer. He wants to make sure the knowledge can be shared with the whole team and future new employees, so he contributed a lot on internal wiki gitbooks, which I think it’s a good point.

    Andy: John is one of the most professional engineers I’ve ever worked with. He takes the ownership of many OPS works, and documents them down with meticulous details. Also, he is a fast learner, and eager to pick up new skills. He also has very good project management skills, and I believe he could be a very good leader either in biz or eng departments.

    Olivier: John and I worked together at Autodesk during the implementation of the subscription program, John was a lead SAP developer working on the program. I frequently interacted with him as we rolled out the program. John has the rare gift of being able to understand complex business problems and map them to a technical solution. His drive and passion for the project, combined with his excellent communication skills and deep technical knowledge, were key factors in the successful rollout of the program. We've since become close friends. I'd recommend anyone looking for a technical lead with business acumen to consider John

    Below is a video highlighting the strenghts of the Harmony Team that I was fortunate enough to work with