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Welcome to Developer Playground

Developer Playground Goals

John created this site to capture the knowledge and share tools around blockchain ecoystems.

The site has two main purposes

  1. A knowledge base for Layer 1 protocol ecoystems with a target audience of ecosystem architects and developers.
  2. A prototype for Harmony for a richer community engagement and ecosystem grant management process showcasing some very cool technology built by the Harmony Team (see the contribute section).

The audience is not just DApp and Smart Contract developers but the larger blockchain ecosystem developer community including core protocol developers, tooling (API, SDK, IDE, etc) developers and centralized applications that integrate with blockchains such as exchanges, oracles and fintech applications.

Harmony Focus

The initial version of the Developer Playground has a strong Harmony Focus which aligns with the last year of John's work at Harmony and his involvement with the of the leaders in high performant, sharded, proof of stake layer 1 solutions.

For other blockchain projects check the resources section to see the relevant guides and grants.

As the community contributes and John's focus shifts to other layer 1 platforms, interoperability and defi solutions this site will evolve.

DISCLAIMER: Developer Playground is a completely independent and open-source initiative founded by blockchain community members. Nothing contained in this Github repository should be considered financial or investment advice - it is for informational purposes only.